Engine need Reconditioning?  Motor not running right…
Tyres & Automotive Repairs, $30 WOF Rotorua 

Rossco Engine Reconditioning specialise in all facets of engine reconditioning and have the equipment to get the job done. So, whether you have a temperamental head gasket, a rattly tappet or a strange noise in the engine, chances are Rossco's will have encountered it before and can give you an estimate to put it right.

The team at Rossco Engine Reconditioning are engine repair experts:

  • Specialising in Cylinder Heads with our Sunnen SGM1500 head shop
  • Multi-Angle Valve Seat Cutting 
  • Head Resurfacing and Milling 
  • Manifold Machining 
  • Wear-Resistant Valve Seat Installation
  • Con-rod Machining, and Rod Bolt Installation 
  • Engine Failure Diagnosis, using the latest electronic scanning equipment to find and resolve faults in modern cars, eg., airbags
  • Engine Parts including High-Performance and Hard-to-Find
  • Engine Reconditioning and Machining
  • Dynamic Balancing Crankshafts, Flywheels, Clutches, Dampers
  • Forged Internals Balanced Installed and Set Up
  • Engine Restoration
  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning
  • Crack Testing and Pressure Testing 
  • Cylinder Boring, Honing and Sleeving 
  • Crankshaft Grinding 
  • Cylinder Head Porting and CC'ing 

Rossco's Engine Reconditioners also do:
  • WOF Testing in our dedicated bay - $30.00
  • Automotive repairs and servicing
  • Sell, fit and balance tyres  
  • Supply batteries
  • Sell, fit and supply radiators

At Rossco Engine Reconditioning we also have a Heshbon hoist with a six tonne lifting capacity which gives us extra high lift and enables us to work on campervans and American SUV's.

So if your engine needs reconditioning, come and see the team at Rossco Engine Reconditioning on Allen Mills Road in Rotorua.